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Educational Grants

Building A Stronger Floriculture Industry!

retailshopAFE strongly believes in funding educational programs to promote and strengthen the floriculture industry. The majority of the programs funded are wide-reaching and focus on attracting young people to the industry or are educational endeavors to identify and solve industry needs and/or challenges.  In addition to the general educational grants that AFE’s funds, there is also a Floral Design Grant and a new Arizona Retail Florist Travel Grant – see details below.

Requests are reviewed on an annual basis, with funding dependent on the number of funds available. The deadline for submission is June 1 each year.
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Special Educational Grant Reports:


Floral Design Institutional Grant:

James and Helen Phillip Scholarship Grant – a grant given annually to institutions with floral design programs. This grant provides tuition assistance to students training in retail floral design and operations.
The following institutions currently receive funding from the James and Helen Phillip Scholarship Grant:

  • Hennepin Technical College
  • Joliet Junior College
  • Kishwaukee College
  • Mississippi State University
  • The Ohio State University ATI
  • Texas A&M University

Arizona Retail Florist Education Travel Grant:

This travel grant was developed for retail florists in Arizona to pursue floral industry educational or design events.
It was established to assist florists from Arizona in traveling to national industry events for educational programs and to provide networking opportunities on a national level.

Each year, one recipient will be selected by AFE’s Education Committee to receive the travel grant of up to $1,000 to help cover the cost of attending an out-of-state industry educational event.

Applicants must be owners, managers, and employees of traditional retail florists with a brick and mortar storefront in Arizona and MUST be requesting this grant for an event that takes place outside of Arizona.

The grant will be made as a reimbursement after the event is attended. The recipient can receive the grant once every five years.

Examples of eligible opportunities include floral design schools, SAF Convention, FTD Boot Camp, Floriology Institute, Teleflora Academy Events, SAF Profit Blast, State or Regional Floral Conventions, Cultivate, PFCI classes, AIFD Symposiums, and others.

The exception to the out-of-state travel requirement would be if a national program (like SAF Convention or AIFD Symposium) were held within Arizona, which would still allow for exposure to fellow out-of-state retail florists and floral industry members.

Applications for this travel grant must be for an industry event in the coming year. (For example, apply in 2017 for travel in 2018.)

The application deadline for this grant is October 1 each year.

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Examples of Previous AFE Educational Grants:

National Floriculture Forum
The National Floriculture Forum (NFF) is an educational meeting of university professors, students, government scientists and industry leaders with the objective of bringing together members of these communities for a three-day meeting to: 1) address issues of importance to the floriculture industry, 2) form collaborative relationships, and 3) learn from each other. Virtually any topic of significance can be the focus any one year. In the past, such topics have included improvement of federal research funding, identification or research needs, and (most recently) recruitment of students into floriculture careers. This meeting is the only one of its kind and it bringing more and more members of the floriculture community together each year.

e-GRO Alert
A weekly bulletin created by researchers across the U.S. to notify greenhouse growers of current problems and issues that the collaborators with expertise in nutrition, water, plant growth regulators, light, temperature, pests and pathogens have observed while visiting greenhouses.

Nutritional Monitoring of Floriculture Crops
To assist greenhouse growers in addressing nutritional disorders, e-GRO launched a Nutritional Monitoring of Floriculture Crops website,, led by W. Garrett Owen of Michigan State University Extension and Brian Whipker of North Carolina State University. The AFE-sponsored website assists growers in establishing an in-house monitoring program and serves as an information and education center.

SAF Pest Management Conference
At SAF’s annual Pest Management Conference, SAF grower members learn proven, leading techniques to help fight insects and disease. Networking with growers from varying background helps attendees create the best strategies to adapt to their business. The conference features a tabletop trade show of the latest Integrated Pest Management (IPM) products, technical information on disease and insect management tools and an update on American Floral Endowment research funding.