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Gus Poesch Research Fund

Supporting recruitment, research, teaching, and floriculture projects at The Ohio State University.

About the Gus Poesch Research Fund

The Gus Poesch Research Fund was established in honor of a true innovator and stimulator of research, and an influential educator and respected businessman, Gus Poesch.

Approximately $40,000 is available and granted annually for recruitment, research, teaching or floriculture projects at The Ohio State University.

Applications are due to AFE no later than August 1 of each year.  Applications must be fully completed to be considered. 

Projects meeting the criteria below will be considered for funding from the Gus Poesch Research Fund:
  1. Funding the recruitment of high-quality floriculture graduate students to The Ohio State University.
  2. Funding of floriculture graduate student research at The Ohio State University.
  3. Funding of floriculture graduate students travel to present research papers as a representative of The Ohio State University. *Proposals for student travel requests must not exceed $1,500 and must include a copy of the abstract being presented.
  4. Funding of start-up costs for research, teaching, and extension of young floriculture faculty members of The Ohio State University.
  5. Funding of educational travel (domestic and international) of young floriculture faculty at The Ohio State University.
  6. New: Funding of floriculture research projects provided that qualified funding requests for graduate student recruitment, travel, and research (as outlined in 1-5 above) have been considered.

The above objectives are in concert with Gus’ life-long assistance of young people in the field of floriculture.

The Application

AFE invites Faculty and Floricultural students at The Ohio State University to electronically submit research proposals for funding of their research projects. The deadline for Proposal Applications is August 1 of each year.

Research Priorities

A survey of growers indicated the following research opportunities in our mission to improve the production and marketability of plants:

  • Increasing shelf life /garden performance
  • Economical means for recycling greenhouse waste
  • Water quality /alkalinity control
  • Evaluation /development of biocontrol methods and management techniques
  • Improving production techniques
  • Plug production techniques
  • Perennial production techniques
  • Production techniques to conserve water and protect ground water
  • Control of pest problems such as: thrips, aphids, whitefly, fungus gnats
  • Control of disease problems such as: TSWV, botrytis, mildew, pythium
Research Grant Application Requirements
  • Completed Proposal Application Form
  • Gus Poesch Student Travel Grant Application Form
  • Detailed explanation of your proposal/research project (not to exceed 10 pages in length)
  • Completed application and research details must be received by August 1 for consideration
  • All grant recipients are required to electronically submit progress reports twice a year, on August 1 and December 1, for the AFE Board to review at the July and January meetings. Final reports are published and sent to donors and those who request information.

It is the policy of AFE to not fund travel expenses or overhead/administrative costs. Grant durations are for one year, and renewal requests can be submitted annually.

Previously Funded Gus Poesch Research Projects

Two Gus Poesch Student Travel Grants:

Floriculture Industry Roundtable – Dr. Cañas
Use of Beneficial Microbes to Enhance Plant Growth, Decrease Disease Severity and Improve Stress Tolerance in Ornamentals – Dr. Michelle Jones

About Gus Poesch

Gus Poesch was born in Lockwood, Mo., and moved with his parents to Monroe, Mich. When he was 10, he began working in the greenhouse of Otto Krbn.

Gus Poesch

1941, Gus joined the Fred C. Gloeckner and Co., Inc. His accomplishments and recognitions during nearly a half-century with the Gloeckner organization are too numerous to list. It is sufficient to note that Gus was a member of the President’s Club at the University of Minnesota, Michigan State University and The Ohio State University. He was active for many years in Alpha Gamma Rho, a national agriculture fraternity. He traveled throughout Asia, North America, Europe, and South America visiting floriculture establishments and was recognized by The Ohio State University and Michigan State University as a distinguished alumnus. Lastly, he served on the Board of Directors of the Ohio Florists’ Association and was the first president of the Ohio State Floriculture/Landscape Horticulture Alumni Association.

His college education began at Michigan State College (University), where he was a charter member of the Delta Chapter of Pi Alpha Xi, the national floriculture/landscape horticulture scholastic honorary fraternity, along with Alex Laurie and Kenneth Post. After graduating in 1930, Gus and Alex Laurie went to The Ohio State University where he earned an M.S. degree and subsequently, was a faculty member. During his 11 years at Ohio State, Gus and Prof. Laurie established the photoperiodic (light/dark) responses of chrysanthemums so that this crop could be flowered year round.

Although Gus maintained an enormously busy schedule, he always found time to encourage, support, and guide young people, whether they were interested in industry or education. The list of young people he influenced is endless.

Looking For Funding?

AFE is committed to supporting research that advances the industry and combats current challenges. This research benefits every segment of the industry. We welcome new research proposal applications by August 1st of each year.