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Social Media Graphics and Videos

AFE has a variety of free social media resources you can use to help promote your business!

Ready-to-Use Flower Promotion Graphics

Download any FREE flower graphics below to use on your personal or business social media. To download, please click an image and then right click/hold and save your desktop or phone. These are sized to fit social. Graphics are updated seasonally to reflect upcoming holidays.

Mother’s Day

May 12th, 2024

Happy Spring

Father’s Day

June 16, 2024

Fourth of July

Flower Positivity

Story Graphics (click to expand full image)

That Flower Feeling

That Flower Feeling is a cooperative effort and campaign to get more Americans enjoying more flowers, more often. This movement provides the industry with free promotional materials including videos, flower graphics, and language to help spread the effortless, positive impact of flowers. Visit ThatFlowerFeeling.org to read more and request materials.

“Self care has become a lot of work. Flowers on the other hand are self care made easy. They won’t replace working out or eating well. But they’re a spiritual tune-up. So treat yourself to a little off-the-shelf self care.“

Free Video Library

This collection of videos is available for anyone to download and use on their social media or websites to help promote flowers!

The 2017 #FlowerLoveVideoContest inspired creative videos from flower lovers from across the country, and also promoted the use and giving of fresh flowers. The contest was funded by the Floral Marketing Fund (FMF) and sponsored by Asocolflores. It was created based on results from the 2016 FMRF-funded study Marketing Tactics to Increase Millennial Floral Purchases,” also sponsored by Asocolflores. Click here for more details about the contest and winners. Below are some of the videos we received! The entire video library of all contest participants can be viewed on our playlist.

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Free Care and Handling Poster

AFE has a free resource for your business encouraging best practices in flower care. The 16.5″ x 20.5″, laminated poster promotes results from AFE-funded research that stresses the three C’s – Cooling, Cleanliness, and Care – all essential factors to keeping flowers at their best!

“Having a bright, colorful poster on the wall in the shop is a great resource when onboarding new and seasonal employees,” says David Boulton of Flowers by George Inc. in Arlington, Washington. “It’s also a great reminder for our longtime employees to keep coolers cleaned and check the temperature regularly.”

Customers will be happier and more likely to return if you follow these simple guidelines backed up by AFE research.

Free Daily Light Integral (DLI) Map Poster

Daily Light Integral (DLI) maps display the ambient light delivered daily during each month across the entire U.S. These maps were researched and developed by James Faust of Clemson University and Joanne Logan of The University of Tennessee. They are unique because DLI is a measurement of light that is particularly valuable for estimating plant growth. Other solar radiation maps created for photovoltaic purposes, i.e., installing solar panels, are not directly applicable to horticultural applications.

Free AFE Deadlines Poster

Mark your calendars! Deadlines for our scholarship, internship, research proposal, and educational grant applications are listed in the poster below and are consistent year-to-year unless otherwise announced. For additional information on deadlines and applications, learn more below:

Visit the AFE Media Kit

Check out our AFE Media Kit, which includes promotional materials such as social media graphics, captions, advertisements, and more that you can feel free to use to share AFE with your audience. Anything helps – the more exposure AFE gets, the more students, researchers, and programs we can help with our resources and programs!