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AFE’s Legacy Circle

The Legacy Circle is an honorary organization composed of persons who have made provision for a planned gift to AFE through a bequest, a life insurance policy, a trust, or otherwise, such as a retirement plan beneficiary designation.

Planting the Seeds of Tomorrow

Legacy gifts help provide long-term financial security in support of our mission. There is no minimum gift requirement to join the Legacy Circle, and the benefits are many. For example:

  • Planned gifts afford you flexibility to provide for your family and support AFE.
  • Certain planned gifts may reduce estate or capital gains taxes.
  • Planned gifts need not affect your cash flow during your lifetime.
  • Certain types of planned gifts allow you to support AFE while also providing income for the rest of your life — or a fixed income for a loved one.
  • The joy of knowing that your legacy gift will sustain AFE’s programs for years to come is the ultimate benefit!

Choose from a Variety of Planned Giving Options:

Legacy Circle Members

We extend a very special Thank You to you!

  • Ken and Deena Altman
  • Paul and Barbara Bachman
  • Gabriel and Maria Becerra
  • Tom* and Becky Butler
  • Sten and Maryann Crissey
  • August* and Mary Belle De Hertogh
  • The Del Demaree Family (to Del Demaree Family Fund)
  • John R. De Winter*
  • Jim and Ellen* Ellison
  • PJ Ellison
  • Tim Galea and Nancy Hooper (to Tom Butler Family Fund)
  • Brenda and Pete Garcia
  • Red and Katie Kennicott
  • Charles and Gina Kremp
  • John and Janet Kister
  • Dwight and Dawn Larimer
  • James and Peggy* Leider
  • Shirley and Terry Lyons
  • Robert and Charee Maddux
  • Michael Novovesky & Family (to Novovesky Scholarship Fund)
  • Herman and LaDonna Meinders (to Meinders Retail Florist Education Grant Fund)
  • Terril and Cathy Nell
  • Jim and Gwen Phillip
  • J.R.* and Mary Phillip
  • Russell G. Phillip
  • Darlene Piazza*
  • Walter Preston*
  • Dennis Puppel
  • Mel and Joey Schwanke
  • Bob and Carol Sharpe (to Retail Florists Continued Education Grant)
  • Jack and Carolynn Van Namen (to Van Namen Scholarship Fund)
  • Jacob* and Rita Van Namen* (to Van Namen Scholarship Fund)
  • Charles and April Walton
  • Wanda M. Weder
  • Robert Wilkins
  • Anonymous

*notes deceased

Legacy Circle Giving Brochure

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