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The Fred C. Gloeckner Foundation Research Fund

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Supporting Floriculture Research & Education

The Fred C. Gloeckner Foundation Research Fund was created in 2024 in a partnership agreement with AFE providing the The Fred C. Gloeckner Foundation a new home.  This momentous joining of forces promotes a shared vision of cultivating and funding innovation, advancements, and growth through floriculture research.

Together, the partnership brings a combined effort of over 120 years of dedicated funding to provide innovative floriculture research and solutions through university research.

The new Fund will continue to provide a source of information financial aid for research and educational projects in floriculture and in the supporting and allied fields, such as agricultural economics, agricultural engineering, entomology, molecular biology, plant breeding, plant pathology, and plant physiology related to floriculture.

The Fred C. Gloeckner Foundation Research Fund’s application and process will remain separate from AFE’s research application process, complete with its own committee to complement AFE’s current research efforts.

Funding and Application Details

The Fred C. Gloeckner Foundation Research Fund awards grants for research and educational projects in floriculture and related fields at universities, colleges, and Federal research institutions in the United States. The proposed research and educational projects must be of substantial importance, and the results made available to the interested public. Grants are awarded on the basis of project outlines, including objectives, methods, procedures, materials, equipment, and personnel involved in the project.

Requests for only equipment are considered when supported by a research project outline. An application form is available and can be downloaded from our website. 

  • The research grant may include assistantships for qualified graduate students seeking advanced degrees and who are accepted by the university or college.
  • We do not pay any indirect costs (overhead) on research and education grants nor faculty or principal investigator’s salary.
  • Grants are awarded on an annual basis, subject to review and renewal. We recognize that research often cannot be accomplished in a single year. Grants, although approved for funding for only one year at a time, will be evaluated and considered for renewal upon receipt of a progress report, plans for the coming year, and a written request for continuation of funding.
  • Grant requests must be submitted or before April 30th for consideration by the committee in early June. Proposals should be submitted electronically as a pdf document to jsimone@ednieflowerbulb.com; cc to hammer@purdue.edu for consideration. Grants are paid in August following approval at the June meeting.

Ready to Apply? Deadline: April 30th, 2024

Fred C. Gloeckner holding a white lily in a greenhouse

About Frederick Carl Gloeckner

Frederick Carl Gloeckner was born August 14, 1901, in West Hoboken, N.J. His career began as a young boy when he traveled to California and worked with the noted flower seed breeders, Bodger Seed Co. in Gardena, and then the Brown Bulb Ranch in Capitola. He returned to New York and was associated with the American Bulb Co., where he developed his skills in selling plants, seeds, bulbs and supplies to commercial growing establishments throughout the United States.

Historical information:

In 1934, along with his father, Carl R. Gloeckner, and Leonard J. Sieger, he founded the Fred C. Gloeckner & Company, Inc., New York. During his 56 years of tireless devotion to the industry, Mr. Gloeckner received countless awards from national and state associations, as well as from the universities where his contributions were most significant. In 1971, the Society of American Florists honored Mr. Gloeckner by inducting him into the Floriculture Hall of Fame, the industry’s highest award. The American Horticultural Society presented the Commercial Award to him in May of 1987 for his accomplishment in building a nationally recognized organization in commercial horticulture.

Mr. Gloeckner believed in hard work, long hours, and encouraged many families and individuals in the industry to think positively and be aggressive toward their future. He encouraged young people to seek formalized training in the horticultural sciences, and he placed in high regard the researchers within the academic community who were constantly striving to improve all aspects of crop production.

It was a keen interest and firm resolve to facilitate innovation and improved practices in floriculture that inspired Mr. Gloeckner to found the Fred C. Gloeckner Foundation, Inc. in 1960. Since the inception of the Foundation, over $7.3 million have been awarded to 68 institutions throughout the United States for the specific purpose of enabling research and education efforts in floriculture and ornamental horticulture.

New York Florists’ Club Grants

Founded in 1887, the New York Florists’ Club served the interests of floriculture through the dedication of its membership and the leadership of many respected industry and academic individuals. The Club held regular monthly meetings in New York City wherein fellow growers, wholesalers, retailers and academicians shared their experiences, engaged in productive discussion and displayed products for judging by their peers.

The New York Florists’ Club Endowment was made possible by the generosity of its membership and their recognition of the need to advance floriculture through the funding of research and education. During the 106 years of the club’s operations, countless scholarships and grants were made to worthy students and researchers at institutions throughout the United States.

On March 8, 1993 the members of the New York Florists’ Club voted to suspend operations of the club and transfer the club’s remaining monies to the Fred C. Gloeckner Foundation Inc. Mr. Gloeckner, a life member of the New York Florists’ Club and a strong supporter of its activities, had very similar goals with respect to facilitating research and education in floriculture. In accordance with the transfer of the club’s assets to the Gloeckner Foundation. “New York Florists’ Club Grants” have been established as a continuing tribute to the many industry people who gave so generously of their time and resources to improve and enhance the future of our industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking For Funding?

AFE is committed to supporting research that advances the industry and combats current challenges. This research benefits every segment of the industry. We welcome new research proposal applications by August 1st of each year.