Continued Education Empowered by Our Retail Florists’ Grant

No matter where you are in your career, the pursuit of knowledge is an essential pillar of progress. The industry is constantly evolving, and it’s more important than ever to expand your ability to stay relevant, build skills, and facilitate preparedness. The American Floral Endowment (AFE)’s Retail Florist’s Continued Education Grant encourages these endeavors with reimbursement to support steady success and improvement across the retail sector.

Michael Richardson of Smith’s Florist and Gift Shoppe. LOVE VA is a program of Retail Alliance that offers workshops and networking for businesses in Gloucester, Virginia, and beyond.

This year, AFE was happy to award $500 to Michael Richardson of Smith’s Florist and Gift Shoppe in Gloucester, Virginia, through the Bob and Carol Sharpe Retail Florist’s Continued Education Grant.

Michael and his team are a prime example of what it means to stay curious, noting, “Our shop works hard to recognize the many opportunities for lifelong learning. We make classes available to our design staff to develop their skills further.” They understand the power of investing in ongoing education and appreciate that the Endowment supports these initiatives.

When it comes to pursuing that knowledge, all it takes is opportunity – and our Sharpe Grant is a ‘no-brainer.’ “When I found out that a grant was available to reimburse a portion of the cost to attend SAF in 2021, I submitted the application and provided the requested information. It was an easy process that allowed continued learning and development.”

The opportunity to provide continued learning for yourself and your staff is an invaluable foundation of business success. AFE’s Bob and Carol Sharpe Retail Florist’s Continued Education Grant provides accessibility and support for MD, DC, and VA florists alike – to pursue possibilities and keep up with our dynamic industry.

Michael Richardson of Smith’s Florist and Gift Shoppe with a handheld bouquet of locally sourced flowers from Wind Haven Farms.

To Michael at Smith’s Florist and Gift Shoppe, thank you for sharing your experience!

About the Grant

Established in 2019, Bob and Carol Sharpe started the Grant with the intention of helping floral businesses thrive through continued learning opportunities, whether online or in-person. “In an industry where businesses are handed down from generation to generation, continued education is vital for success,” said Bob.

Applications for the Grant are accepted through October 1st of each year. The Grant is presented as reimbursement awards between $50-$500 for individual business-related courses to florists in the MD/DC/VA metropolitan area. Learn more and apply.