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Vic & Margaret Ball Internship – Student Information

Hear from Vic & Margaret Ball Interns!

This program gives students the opportunity to gain practical floriculture/horticulture experience while training at a commercial production greenhouse or nursery. Wondering what an internship is like? Watch the video to hear from AFE interns!

Student Eligibility:

Students applying for AFE’s Vic & Margaret Ball Internships must be full-time, undergraduate students who are:

When and For How Long is the Internship?
Where Are the Locations of the Internships?
What Else is Required?

Students in the Vic & Margaret Ball Program must:

Why Become a Vic & Margaret Ball Intern?
How Does a Student Apply?

It is recommended that the faculty member submit by email the transcript, personal statement and their recommendation letter on your behalf.

Application deadlines: March 1 and October 1 Each Year

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Looking For Funding?

AFE is committed to supporting research that advances the industry and combats current challenges. This research benefits every segment of the industry. We welcome new research proposal applications by August 1st of each year.