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Vic & Margaret Ball Host Employers

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Special thanks to the following organizations who have hosted AFE interns.

The following list represents current and past Vic & Margaret Ball host employers.   If you would like to join this list and become a host for AFE’s Vic & Margaret Ball Interns, please contact AFE.
Agri-Starts (FL)

(housing available for interns)
North Creek Nurseries (PA)
Oglevee, Ltd. (CA)
Olive Hill Greenhouses (CA)
Oregon Flowers (OR)
Pacific Plug & Liner (CA)
Paul Ecke Ranch (CA)
greenhouselargePeace Tree Farm (PA)
Pikes Peak Greenhouse (LA, TX)
Plant Delights Nursery, Inc. (NC)
Plantpeddler, (IA)
(housing available for interns)
Pleasant View Gardens (NH)
Raker & Sons, Inc. (MI)
Roycroft Daylily Nursery (SC)
Skagit Horticulture, LLC (WA)
Smith Gardens (CA,OR)
Spring Meadow Nursery (MI)
Stutzman Greenhouse (KS)
Sunny Meadows Flower Farm (OH)
Sun Valley Floral Farms (CA)
(housing available for interns)DSC02479
Sunbelt Greenhouses (GA & MI)
Swift Greenhouses (IA)
Syngenta Flowers (US & Europe)
Tagawa Greenhouses (CO)
(housing available for interns)
Timbuk II Plant Company (OH)
AFE Student During InternshipTwixwood Nursery (MI)
Van Wingerden International (NC)
Veldkamp Greenhouses (CO)
Walter’s Gardens, Inc. (MI)
Welby Gardens (CO)
Wenke Greenhouses (MI)
White Flower Farm (CT)
White’s Nursery, Greenhouse, & Garden Center (VA)
Wollam Gardens (VA)