The Fred C. Gloeckner Foundation Research Fund – Past Funded Projects

The projects funded listed for the last several years listed below illustrate the type of research that the board considers worthy of funding in the broad spectrum of science relating to the floricultural industry.

The Foundation to Date

The following information highlights the total funds distributed by the Foundation in earlier years and then lists specifically the institution, principal investigator, project and amount of the grant for the years 2013 – 2022.

Total Funds Distributed
1961 – 1970 $126,464.00
1971 – 1980$585,207.50
1981 – 1989$1,169,333.00
1990 – 2000$2,155,771.40
2001 – 2010$1,806,335.00 
2011 – 2021$1,367,201.05
2021 – 2022$266,359.00
TOTAL $7,345,876.95

Projects Recently Funded

Apply for Funding!

Applications are due by April 30th each year. Proposals should be submitted electronically as a pdf document to; cc to for consideration.

Looking For Funding?

AFE is committed to supporting research that advances the industry and combats current challenges. This research benefits every segment of the industry. We welcome new research proposal applications by August 1st of each year.