Gus Poesch Report Guidelines

Progress Reports and Final Research Reports are required for Gus Poesch Funded Projects as follows:

  1. Research Project Progress Reports: These brief descriptions of how your work is progressing are reviewed by the Production and Post-Harvest Research (PPR) Committee.
  2. Notification of Changes: The PPR Committee expects research projects to proceed according to the schedule provided in the application for funding. Report any delays in the project or changes in the schedule to the AFE office. Submit substantive changes in the project to AFE so they can be reviewed and approved before the changes are put into effect. Also, let us know of any significant progress in your project at times other than the reporting dates.
  3. Final Research Report: This written report is due to the AFE office upon completion of the project. It should follow the format outlined below:
    • Introduction – Briefly describe the research, including the goals and objectives of the project.
    • Implications for the Grower – How can the grower use this research? What are the benefits? Let donors know how your work-funded through their contributions-addresses issues of concern to them.
    • Results and Discussion – Detail the results of the research. Include relevant scientific data along with drawings, sketches, photographs, tables, charts and graphs where appropriate.  Visuals are highly encouraged in the report.
    • Summary – In non-technical language, include major practical findings and potential significance of this research project. List the major benefits or impact upon the greenhouse grower and consumers. Readers will want to know how they can use your findings to improve plant production. Give examples of how your findings can be implemented by the commercial greenhouse industry. Understanding practical benefits of research encourages growers to contribute more money for horticultural research.
    • Additional Materials – Include any other materials AFE can use to publicize your research. Photos of the research work which depict the benefits or useful aspects of the research project are helpful. Photos and brief biographies of the researcher(s) are also requested.


Your Final Research Report will be published and distributed to AFE contributors and others upon request. Article(s) and/or press release will be sent to AFE’s press list and subscribers announcing the availability of the report as appropriate.