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Supporting Education for All Levels of the Industry, One Grant at a Time

Nineteen organizations will receive Educational Grants in 2022-23 from the Endowment, totaling $76,590 given in support of important industry programs.

We welcome the opportunity to support these great organizations and their programs as they grow the industry we love. With this funding, these organizations will be able to host conferences, teach students and educators about the floral industry, offer programs such as greenhouse training and florist certification classes, promote floral sustainability practices, and more.

“We are proud to support vital programs like these that strengthen the industry,” AFE Treasurer/Secretary and Education Committee Chair Greg Royer said. “We continue to work hard to uplift programs that provide learning opportunities for industry members and bring awareness to the younger generations about the exciting and rewarding careers in the floral industry.”

We encourage you to explore these organizations, events, and programs as resources for you and your businesses. 

2022-23 Educational Grants awarded to:

These important industry events, courses, resources, and programs ensure the continued success of our industry by fostering ongoing education, networking, and professional development opportunities. We are thrilled to uplift them through our Educational Grants. The Grants’ focus is to not only attract young professionals to the field but invest in impactful continued education experiences to solve industry challenges for current industry members.

From conventions to virtual events, the Grants encourage education at all levels in any sector. If your organization or university is hosting an industry event or program, we encourage you to learn more and apply for AFE’s Educational Grants by June 1st of each year.