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Planning for the Future Means Training for the Future

Planning for the Future Means Training for the Future

We’re all familiar with the term “cross-training” as a great way of developing fitness. Training in several different sports and disciplines allows a person to work more muscles and improve agility. Cross-training makes it easier to participate in a variety of recreational sports successfully. Following that same principle, cross-training in business improves the fitness and overall health of your company and your employees.

Businesses of all sizes should think of cross-training as a disaster recovery plan. Better yet, an established cross-training program can be a way to avoid disaster. With many variables impacting the workplace, especially at the small business level, recruiting, hiring, and retaining good team members is challenging. In all segments of the floriculture industry, employers face tremendous demands when it comes to ensuring they are adequately staffed and at the correct times. If you’re struggling to fill positions left open by departing staff members or just finding yourself short-staffed, cross-training may be the solution you’ve been looking for, and for that reason, the AFE Career Center is here to help!

To explain the different benefits of cross-training and make the process a little easier, AFE, through its Recruitment Resource Library, has put together a collection of useful resource materials that assist business owners in understanding the fundamentals of cross-training and provide a few tools to get you started. The resource materials hosted within the AFE Career Center include a sample cross-training program, a list of benefits cross-training may provide for businesses and staff, and easy-to-follow steps for developing a cross-training program.

The AFE Career Center was developed to be the floral industry’s one-stop location for job postings and resume searching. In addition, this user-friendly platform, categorized by industry segment, houses helpful documents geared towards recruiting, hiring, and internships, including industry overviews, checklists for interviews and job fairs, help-wanted ads, and social media language. All documents are created to be easily downloaded, personalized, and shared. 

Each segment includes quick how-to instructions for the templates to make things even more accessible.

With the help of the AFE Career Center, you can begin to develop your cross-training program and discover the beneficial effects on your business and your staff. 

As your employees develop new skills, you’ll see new doors opening and potential emerging that may not have been evident before. With so many benefits, it’s hard to believe that more businesses don’t include cross-training in their business strategies. If you fall into that category, head to the AFE Career Center and check out the newest addition to the Recruitment Resource Library. 

As the industry continues to grow, these resources will undoubtedly become valuable tools for locating potential interns and staff members and preparing businesses for their next phase. The online library of these documents and many more is accessible at https://endowment.org/recruitment-resources/ and through a link on https://afecareercenter.com.

The AFE Career Centers’ resume bank and job board are steadily growing, but there is always room for more! AFE is offering a 20% discount with code SPRING20 on your job posting as an incentive to support this helpful platform and grow its resources and content. To get started, follow this link and create an account today!