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We understand the job market can be a challenging, competitive space. In recognition of this, AFE has provided recruitment resources and templates for all segments of the floriculture industry. Creating help wanted ads and job descriptions can be tedious and time-consuming. We hope these resources will help the industry and its members streamline some of the work that goes into the employee search. As an added resource to the AFE Career Center, we’ve done the preliminary work for you and created customizable templates to help get you started on your search!

You’re invited to use these fillable templates and recruitment resources freely to accelerate your employee search on a local level. In addition to using our content to finalize your positions, we encourage you to share your opportunities with your direct network, connect with your area’s schools etc. to target local talent. You can expand your reach further by uploading your job opportunity to the AFE Career Center.

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Use the tips below to ensure your business is ready to tackle all employee turnover:

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Next Steps:

1. Finalize

Use one of AFE’s templates above to finalize your position.

2. Share

Spread the word and attract local talent.

3. Post to the AFE Career Center

Get more exposure through AFE’s nation-wide job board.


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The AFE Career Center connects floral industry employers with job seekers, students, and other professionals pursuing careers in the floriculture and horticulture fields. Employers and job seekers alike gain access to many helpful resources to help industry members find their next great employee or opportunity. Visit to get started!


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