New Thrips & Botrytis Online Library

We are excited to announce the release of a new Thrips and Botrytis Research Library. This library is the result of a special research campaign, established in 2017, to address the control and management of Thrips and Botrytis. It has recently launched free to all thanks to the campaign’s generous industry sponsors.

This comprehensive online resource is designed to be a one-stop-shop, complete with informative webinars, insightful fact sheets, and engaging articles on the latest research and implementation strategy. It contains resources in both English and Spanish, as well as cutting-edge research reports that growers can use and implement into their business immediately. This library strives to empower growers as they effectively combat Thrips and Botrytis, helping to ensure the continued health and vitality of their product.

This resource will continue to be updated as new research findings emerge and as AFE persists in its mission of tackling the challenges faced by the floral industry. 

This special research fund through AFE has been leading the charge against the destructive forces of Thrips and Botrytis since 2017. Losses from these pests affect all segments of the industry every day, and are extremely challenging to control. With this special research fund, AFE has been able to support more than fifteen multi-year research projects to reduce losses and produce higher-quality flowers and plants.

The efforts of numerous expert researchers have paved the way for tried-and-true methods to combat these pervasive pests and minimize losses, and the results of the research endeavors will have a significant impact on grower production practices and on the floral industry.

The Endowment would like to express it’s deepest gratitude to each industry sponsor, whose generous contributions have made this special research campaign possible. Additionally, another thank you to the researchers, research staff, and graduate students who have been funded by AFE for their unwavering commitment to supporting and advancing the floral industry.

  • Altman Plants
  • Ball S.B.
  • Bouquet Collection, Inc.
  • CalFlowers
  • Colombia Flower Council by Asocolflores & AFIF
  • Continental Flowers
  • Equiflor Corp. – Rio Roses
  • Falcon Farms, Inc.
  • FlorExpo, LLC
  • Fresca Farms
  • Golden Flowers
  • Jardines de los Andes
  • Joseph H. Hill Memorial Foundation, Inc.
  • Kee Kitayama Research Foundation
  • Len Busch Roses
  • Mayesh Wholesale Florist
  • Metrolina Greenhouses
  • Passion Growers
  • Royal Flowers
  • Tagawa Greenhouses
  • The Elite Flower Company
  • The Queen’s Flowers Corp.
  • Solé Farms
  • Sunshine Bouquet Company