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Thrips & Botrytis research and resources to keep your flowers and plants happy and healthy! AFE is pleased to share educational training packets, webinar recordings, and one-page key takeaways highlighting new research findings from our specially-funded Thrips and Botrytis Research Fund.

Throughout these resources, you will learn the best practices for managing and controlling thrips and botrytis, understand why decisions are made, and how to make the best management decisions for your greenhouse. Our featured topics also include addressing fungicide resistance and the opportunity for use of biological controls. These educational training packets, presentations, and key takeaways are brought to you directly from our expert researchers. Each webinar shares impactful research findings and how to implement the results into your growing practices.

Thrips & Botrytis Educational Training Packet

These training packets are created by the American Floral Endowment as a part of our Thrips and Botrytis Educational Training Programs. Our first training sessions are scheduled for November 29th and December 1st in Colombia. Additional sessions are being scheduled in the US for 2023.

English Packet Spanish Packet

Feel free to download these and use them as an ongoing educational and training resource for you, your business and your employees! 

Thrips & Botrytis Fund Supporters

Thanks to 24 generous industry organizations and donors, our Thrips and Botrytis Research Fund raised $1.5 million to aggressively address these challenges. Those who helped us reach this goal receive all research findings and resources first as a thank you for making them possible and are given the opportunity to hear the results live from the researchers.

  • Altman Plants
  • Ball S.B.
  • Bouquet Collection, Inc.
  • CalFlowers
  • Colombia Flower Council by Asocolflores & AFIF
  • Continental Flowers
  • Equiflor Corp. – Rio Roses
  • Falcon Farms, Inc.
  • FlorExpo, LLC
  • Fresca Farms
  • Golden Flowers
  • Jardines de los Andes

  • Joseph H. Hill Memorial Foundation, Inc.
  • Kee Kitayama Research Foundation
  • Len Busch Roses
  • Mayesh Wholesale Florist
  • Metrolina Greenhouses
  • Passion Growers
  • Royal Flowers
  • Tagawa Greenhouses
  • The Elite Flower Company
  • The Queen’s Flowers Corp.
  • Solé Farms
  • Sunshine Bouquet Company

Thrips & Botrytis Webinar Series & Key Takeaways

Reducing Thrips and Botrytis – 2 Part Series (2021)

Spanish Translation provided by Melissa Munoz, Clemson University

Best Practices for Botrytis Management – 3 Part Series (2020) 

Presented by Melissa Munoz and Jim Faust, Clemson University

Controlling Thrips – 3 Part Series (2020) 

Parts 1 & 2 Presented by Dr. Rose Buitenbuis, Vineland Research and Innovation Centre
Part 3 Presented by JC Chong, Clemson University

Spanish Translation provided by Rosa Raudales, University of Connecticut


Below are the Thrips and Botrytis research webinar recordings with English available on the left, and Spanish versions available on the right or you can access the videos directly on our YouTube.

Thrips & Botrytis Webinar Recordings

Botrytis Webinars (English on Left & Spanish on Right) 

Thrips Webinars (English on Left & Spanish on Right) 


Thrips & Botrytis Research  |  AFE YouTube Playlists


Research and research findings like those presented are possible only through industry support and contributions. Thanks to generous donors, AFE can provide research solutions like these free to support a stronger industry. Consider making a tax-deductible contribution to AFE’s research and the future of the floral industry.

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