Vic and Margaret Ball Internship Program

This program gives students the opportunity to gain practical floriculture/horticulture experience while training at a commercial production greenhouse or nursery.

Internship Overview

The Vic & Margaret Ball Intern Scholarship Program provides the opportunity to gain experience at a commercial production greenhouse or nursery. The program offers paid internships in three, four or six-month durations and provides scholarships of up to $6,000.

History and Objective:
Vic Ball was the son of Ball Horticultural founder George Jacob Ball. As the leading North American producer and distributor of ornamental plants and their seeds, Ball Horticulture has had a tremendous presence in the horticulture business.

In 1992, Vic and Margaret Ball made a generous donation to AFE to establish this program for students to receive critical “hands-on” growing experiences to help ensure successful future generations of horticulture professionals.

Please read the information closely before submitting your application. An incomplete application is a sad application (because it is not reviewed). 

In addition to the online application, students must submit:

If selected, internships must be started within 12 months of the application date and must be completed before graduation.

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Deadline For Applications

March 1st and October 1st Each Year

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Student Agrees:

  1. By submitting the application below, the student certifies all the information provided on the application is true and complete, and understands that any misstatement, falsification, or omission of information shall be grounds for rejection of the application or disqualification.
  2. The student agrees to mutually complete the Internship Goal Sheet with the placement employer.
  3. The student will be disqualified from the program for inappropriate behavior such as any physical or verbal altercations with the employer and/or employees, any illegal use of alcohol or drugs, or any other such behaviors.
  4. The student understands that if he/she does not complete the agreed time period, he/she will be disqualified from the program and might not receive the scholarship.
  5. The student agrees to acknowledge support for the Mosmiller Internship Program in any type of public relations, press releases, or other type of publicity concerning the internship.
  6. The student agrees to perform an exit interview with the employer prior to their last day of employment, as well as complete a brief report of the experience (minimum of 500 words) within thirty (30) days of completion. Upon receipt of written report and employer questionnaire, scholarship funds will be released.

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