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Awareness Video Screenshot 3The American Floral Endowment (AFE) is an independent, nonprofit organization that funds research and scholarships in floriculture and environmental horticulture for the benefit of retailers, growers, wholesalers, importers and allied trade organizations.

AFE has sponsored much of the modern research that benefits the industry, from funding studies on pest and disease control to marketing and media research, none of which would be possible without donors like you.

For more than 50 years, AFE has awarded more than $15 million to floral industry research, educational grants, scholarships and internships. AFE awards are acclaimed by universities and help with tenure decisions for young researchers.

Funds donated to AFE are never spent.
Instead, only the earnings on the funds are spent, which annually amount to about five percent of the corpus. Because the initial contribution is never spent, AFE is able to fund meaningful scholarships and other projects. Northern Trust, AFE’s investment manager, professionally manages all funds under direction from the AFE Board of Trustees. Additionally, board members pay all their own expenses, including travel.

MoneyPlantContributions to the Endowment’s corpus directly result in consistent, stable increases in grant funding. Earnings from the corpus provide annual funding dollars. As the corpus grows, dollars available for funding increase. Today, the corpus has grown to approximately $16 million with close to $1 million available for annual allocations.

AFE is comprised of committees that evaluate research and scholarship proposals. Having committees in place makes it easier for donors to ensure their funds are handled properly without worrying about the mechanics behind donating. Nevertheless, AFE appreciates when donors want to give their input, which is always considered valuable.

Contributions in any amount are welcome at any time and in any legitimate form, including cash, insurance policies, marketable real and personal property, stocks, bonds and planned giving methods.

Monetary donations can be made online or by clicking the Donate button below.

American Floral Endowment
1001 North Fairfax Street, Suite 201
Alexandria, VA 22314

All donations made to AFE are tax-deductible – Tax ID: 23-6268380.

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