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Vic & Margaret Ball Host Employer Information

Host Employers share their knowledge and expertise to ensure a knowledgeable workforce well into the future!

Becoming an AFE Host employer is easy!  If your organization has internship opportunities, or is interested in beginning an internship program, you should be working with AFE!
AFE and the Vic & Margaret Ball committee take this internships very serious.  All applications are carefully screened to ensure the students are mature and knowledgeable enough to handle an internship.  Students are evaluated on their coursework, grades, activities within the industry and by their faculty members recommendation.  Not all students are approved, and only those who meet our strict scoring requirements are selected.
Click here to see a list of Vic & Margaret Ball Host Employers.

Host employers are always needed.  If you are interested in becoming a host employer, please contact AFE.

Responsibilities of a Host Employer: