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Altman Family & Paul Ecke, Jr. Scholarship Application

Application Requirements and Information

Submit your online application below. Be sure you have your personal statement, letters of recommendation, photo, and video ready to upload at the same time.  Official transcripts can be emailed to afe@endowment.org (if necessary). Only one application is needed for the Altman and Ecke scholarships.  Those attending land-grant universities will automatically be considered for the Paul Ecke, Jr. Scholarship.  All others will only be considered for the Altman Family Scholarship.

Prior to completing the online application, please gather/prepare the following documents:

Applicant Agreement:

  1. By submitting this online application, the applicant certifies that the information provided on the application is accurate and complete, and understands that any misstatement, falsification, or omission of information shall be grounds for rejection of the application.
  2. The applicant is not currently in default on loans for academic study.
  3. The applicant has not been convicted of a felony.
  4. The applicant agrees to promote the Altman Family/Paul Ecke Jr. Scholarships through presentations and submissions of research reports to professional and trade publications.
  5. The applicant agrees, if awarded, to submit a detailed research project report and a full report on his/her floriculture activities of each academic year.
  6. The applicant understands that if awarded, the funds will be disbursed directly to the university in the name of the applicant, and are to be used in partial support of their research project and applied against their existing university stipend.
M.S. Ph.D. Scholarship Application Altman & Ecke Scholarships

Personal Information

Address Line 1
Address Line 2
If possible, please use an email address other than the one provided by your university. This will allow us to maintain contact with you after graduation.

Undergraduate University/College Information

Graduate College/University Information

If you are not currently enrolled in a program, please provide the name of the institution you plan to attend.
Please leave this section blank if you have not yet received your first semester worth of grades.

Short Answer Questions

Document Upload

Please use the embedded form below to upload your documents. Note: You will have to press submit to upload your documents (purple button), then press submit again to submit your complete application.

You will have to press submit twice to submit your entire application – submit documents by pressing the purple submit button, and submit complete application by pressing the blue submit button. If you have any issues, please reach out to cmusgrove@afeendowment.org.