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The AFE Career Center: Building Floriculture Careers One Resume at a Time

Did you know that uploading your resume to an online posting website can increase your chances of getting noticed by prospective employers? Suppose you’re deciding on a career path, searching for a job, or hoping to improve your professional skills. In that case, the AFE Career Center is the one-stop location for posting resumes and finding exciting career paths in the floriculture and horticulture industries.

For students and individuals beginning their job search, the AFE Career Center is positioned strategically to help those seeking employment understand the many opportunities that await them with a satisfying career in the floral industry. Because companies recognize AFE as a source for young professional development, they utilize the AFE Career Center as the go-to place for finding top recruits.

More than a simple resume bank, the AFE Career Center offers students valuable online career tools, resources, and industry guides that help direct them into a career path suited to their strengths and interests. It also provides networking opportunities, easy-to-manage resume posting, an insider perspective on current industry job listings, and real-time job alerts.

Because resumes and cover letters are often essential parts of the job application process, making sure your information is available where industry professionals are engaging will increase the potential of the right person seeing your resume. Likewise, using an Industry-specific board to post your resume, like the one offered through the AFE Career Center, will narrow your search, and allow you to monitor what is happening in the industry and the career path of your choice.

With all the benefits and increased opportunities the AFE Career Center provides, AFE encourages students to take advantage of the tools and resources within the portal regardless of their majors. The floriculture industry is diverse and growing. Opportunities reach far beyond the expected floral design or grower-related jobs. One may be surprised by the range of careers in the world of flowers. It also advises faculty to share and promote the AFE Career Center with their students and make it part of the process to upload resumes for any student ready to enter the workforce.

With only two years of activity, the AFE Career Center has seen a steady increase in engagement with over 1,000 job views/direct clicks every month and nearly 2000 job postings. Positions posted range from internships to leadership positions covering most segments of the floral industry. For the site to reach its full potential, it will take dedicated effort from those seeking to recruit and those looking for job opportunities. Like most things, a career center is only as good as the information in it. It is vitally important that more job seekers post resumes and use the resources offered. The leadership at AFE believes that as the AFE Career Center grows and expands, it can easily connect thousands of employers with those newly entering the rewarding profession of floriculture.

Upload Your Resume

It’s never too early to post your resume. With the help of the AFE Career Center, you will expand your resources, streamline your search, find opportunities, and discover a variety of promising career choices. Post your resume today and build your dream career.

To learn more about possible career choices and view job openings or upload your resume, visit https://afecareercenter.com.

AFE also offers paid internship opportunities and more than 20 different scholarships annually for undergraduate and graduate students. Additionally, young professionals have the chance to grow and connect through AFE’s Young Professionals Council. Through these programs and the AFE Career Center, AFE continues the pledge to keep young professional development at the center of their work.