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Supporting Future Generations of Floriculture: The Dewar Family Scholarship Fund

A new scholarship fund has been established through the American Floral Endowment (AFE) to support future generations of students interested in pursuing a career in floriculture. This scholarship joins 26 other scholarships available through the Endowment.

The newly established Dewar Family Scholarship Fund will be awarded to an undergraduate student (or students) in their junior or senior year, studying environmental horticulture with an emphasis and focus on a career in floriculture. The fund is established by the Dewar Family of Dewar Nurseries.

Dewar NurseriesDewar Nurseries was established in 1963 by founder Alex Dewar, with the vision of providing premier plants and exemplary customer service. The Dewar Family appreciates the value of a quality education and is excited to encourage young professionals to enter floriculture production and business with this scholarship.

“It’s safe to say that the Dewar Family is passionate about flowers,” noted Patricia Dewar. “This passion and Dewar Nurseries’ roots stem back to my grandfather, Alex Dewar. He jumpstarted his efforts after earning a degree in horticulture and chemistry from the University of Florida. Before long, our small family business became one of the largest growers of rose, fruit, seasonal, and holiday plants in the nation.”

Dewar FamilyOver the years, the Dewar family has devoted themselves to not only providing the absolute best of floriculture but doing it with a deep-rooted passion for the industry and respect for the business and science that goes into ornamental flowers. That passion continues, with Alex’s son Bill joining the business in the ‘80s, and most recently, his granddaughters, Patricia and Kimberly (pictured right), showing three generations of commitment to the floral industry. This legacy continues with the new scholarship fund.

When looking to establish this fund, the Dewar Family choose to give back to the industry by donating to the Endowment. AFE has been administering important scholarships for decades supporting future generations. In fact, AFE just passed the milestone of 60 years. Patricia Dewar commented, “We wanted to invest with the leading floral industry organization supporting young professional growth and support. AFE’s ongoing and long-term dedication to the industry echoes our family’s legacy.”

There’s quite a lot that goes into creating your most treasured blooms. Making the world a more beautiful place to be is a powerful endeavor, which the Dewar Family exemplifies. Although fast-growing, floriculture is often overlooked and underfunded as a whole. This agricultural enterprise is a wonderful pursuit with industry roots running deep.

“The opportunities in our industry are endless, and creativity is unmatched,” adds Kimberly Dewar. “Our family is rooted in quality, education, and offering the best of the best.”

The Dewar Family knows that education is a step to a bright future in the industry and is thrilled to encourage budding new professionals to enter floriculture production and business with this scholarship. The whole family looks forward to aiding future generations with this scholarship. “We can’t wait to see you flourish!” proclaims both Patricia and Kimberly Dewar.

The annual application deadline for AFE’s undergraduate and graduate scholarships is May 1. To learn more about this scholarship and AFE’s other opportunities, click here.