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Scottish Student Awarded U.S. Scholarship

A 21-year-old student from Scotland, Jamie Satterthwaite, was selected to receive the 2016 Markham-Colegrave International Scholarship through AFE and the David Colegrave Foundation.

Jamie Satterthwaite

Jamie Satterthwaite

Satterthwaite is pursuing a Bachelor of Science at Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC), studying horticulture and working as a trainee grower.
He was awarded $4,500 and will have the opportunity to intern at a horticultural business for eight weeks in the U.S.
Satterthwaite is passionate about production horticulture and hopes to work at a nursery that leads in plug production and runs annual bedding plant trials in its extensive trial garden. (Placement is underway!)
“I am looking forward to gaining an insight in working across the pond where I can further strengthen my skills in growing and learn new techniques and procedures,” said Satterthwaite.
The Markham-Colegrave International Scholarship operates in cooperation with the David Colegrave Foundation in London, England. There is an annual exchange of students between the U.S. and Europe, alternating between the two countries.
This scholarship honors Ed Markham and David Colegrave. Markham began a career in horticulture sales after graduating from the Horticulture Department at Cornell University in 1942. His interest in providing scholarship funds to study marketing through international travel stemmed from his first trip abroad in the early 1960s.
Colegrave’s career in horticulture began when he traveled from the U.K. to McKenzie Seeds in Canada. He then worked for five years in flower seed production in California before heading to Europe to work for a French flower breeding company. In 1962, Colegrave returned to the U.K. to start Colegrave Seeds, which became a prominent British business. Like Markham, Colegrave supported the development of future industry leaders through scholarships.
U.S. students can apply for the Markham-Colegrave International Scholarship through AFE in even numbered years (2016, 2018, etc.).
Read about Jamie’s internship experience in his report.