Our Educational Grants Strengthen the Future of Floriculture

Our Educational Grants Strengthen the Future of Floriculture

$70,000 Awarded in 2021-22 to 17 Programs


Alexandria, Virginia, October 20th, 2021 –

17 programs will receive funding through our 2021-22 Educational Grants. The organizations, universities, and industry groups receiving grant funding offer a diverse array of programs that are vital to the floral industry’s advancement and success.

The funding of these essential programs supports a wide range of activities that serve the floriculture industry by increasing awareness, expanding training and education, supporting conference programs and research, and expanding industry resources for floral industry members, students, and faculty.

“While the programs cover many levels of educational opportunities, together they help build a strong future for the floriculture industry,” said AFE Treasurer/Secretary and Education Committee Chair Greg Royer. “At the American Floral Endowment, we are committed to bringing in and educating the next generation while we strengthen the skills and knowledge of those now in the field. Through these diverse programs, we can ensure a bright future for floriculture.”

“For 60 years, the American Floral Endowment has supported educational programs that help industry members grow and resources that help identify and solve industry needs and challenges. Every organization that AFE supports provides an important resource or program that is vital to our industry’s growth,” said AFE Executive Director Debi Chedester. “Through industry support, we can continue our commitment to the advancement and success of the floral industry.”

AFE Educational Grants 2021-22 awarded to:


Industry organizations that provide educational opportunities are encouraged to apply for support through AFE’s Educational Grant application. The application deadline is June 1 each year. More information on our grants can be found here.