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How to Make Your Customers Swoon Over Your Blooms! Tips and Tricks for Valentine’s 2024

As we approach Valentine’s Day 2024, the collective flower, plant, and hard goods industries have a special opportunity to maximize flower sales right out of the gate during the first major holiday of the year! Thoughtful preparation, festive atmospheres, fresh products, and impeccable service will attract customers and optimize their entire shopping experience.

So here we are – it’s December 2023, and the race has already started. Here are some important business strategies to help maximize sales during one of the most critical weeks of 2024:

Sales Budgeting

A simple SWAG (scientific wild a** guess) method of selecting a rote sales increase based on an annual figure doesn’t work. Budgets for a holiday — especially one of this magnitude — must be calculated with acute detail, factoring in the following components:

Gross Margin Budgeting
Gross margin budgeting is the money that’s left over to pay the bills after product is sold, and it is the determining factor between running a profitable business versus running a bankrupt one. How is gross margin calculated? Sales – Cost of Sales = Gross Margin Dollars. The three most essential factors in budgeting gross margin are your final sales budget, your final cost of goods, and your inventory variance.

Product and Inventory Planning

Placing the right dollar amount of product in each store is the only way to achieve your planned sales and profit goals. If there’s not enough product in-store, you simply won’t meet your sales goal. Once SKUs and budgets are planned by individual store, it’s imperative that store associates understand and have access to those detailed plans and order products accordingly.

Be sure to also factor in a normal amount of shrink so that as product becomes outdat­ed, there continues to be enough on hand to achieve the target sales goals. In addition, sudden changes in inventory levels can wreak havoc on financial stability. It’s wise to stagger product deliveries over the four weeks preceding Valentine’s Day, starting with nonperish­ables such as balloons, supplies, containers, and upgrade accessories, and then…finishing the delivery cycle with shorter shelf-life products closer to the holiday itself.

Store Design and Layout

Design an inviting storefront and store layout: Make sure to have colorful displays in the window and/or in front of the department that will show off your unique assortments and engage customers to want more. Top off each display with good lighting, festive signage, and upscale enhancements to catch customers’ eyes.

Marketing Strategy

Expanded Real Estate

Pop-up stores have become more than a trend. They’ve become a bonafide way to add additional revenue streams to your core business. A pop-up store can be as simple as an outdoor selling space or tent structure, all the way to a space in a local shopping cen­ter, airport, restaurant, or coffee shop. With all of the new mobile credit card readers out there, opening numerous pop-up stores is easier than ever.

Timing is Everything!

The National Retail Federation tells us that 40 percent of Christmas shopping begins right after Labor Day, so launching your Valentine’s Day marketing collateral immediately after Christmas is not too soon!

With the Valentine’s holiday holding court as the first or second largest sales week of the year …and generating 30 percent to 40 percent of the year’s total holiday dollars, it’s safe to say that a successful Valentine’s Day in 2024 will be a crucial component of organic growth across the entire industry.

Aside from all the budgeting, marketing, and planning, the best way to a customer’s wallet is to focus on the feeling s/he gets when s/he’s face-to-face with the flowers!

For more resources to make sure your team is ready for Valentine’s Day, check out our FREE Care & Handling poster and order yours soon so it’s there before the big day!