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Greenhouse Training Online Courses for 2020

The University of Florida’s Greenhouse Training Online professional development courses for 2020, sponsored by AFE, have been announced, and include a new course on hydroponics.  The first course for the 2020 schedule is Greenhouse 101, and begins June 1.

The price is $199 per course, but a 20% discount code is available for AFE supporters. The discount code for our community is AFE20. 

Click Here for more information about each course, and to register.

Course nameDatesLevelaGreenhouse 101Jun 1 – Jun 26 2020Nutrient Management 1 (Intro)Jul 6 – Jul 31 2020••Nutrient Management 2 (Advanced)Aug 31 – Sep 25 2020•••Disease ManagementSep 28 – Oct 23 2020••Weed ManagementOct 26 – Nov 20 2020••Hydroponic Vegetable ProductionNov 9 – Dec 11 2020••Costing & ProfitabilityNext course 2021•••Water Quality & TreatmentNext course 2021•••