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Give Yourself a (Tax) Break

Authored by Bruce Wright
Check out the free business tools available from AFE—and help keep them coming.
Are you in need of something that will lift your spirits and relieve some stress in 60 seconds or less? Try sampling one of the sweet and playful videos in the #FlowerMarketingMonday campaign. It’s the next best thing to receiving your own gift of flowers!
Posted on the Facebook page of the American Floral Endowment, the videos are free to anyone in the industry to customize and share – on your own social media, website or anywhere else – as a marketing tool.
The campaign, launched in April 2018, is just one of the latest in the long stream of new and innovative projects undertaken by AFE on behalf of floral-industry members to boost business, improve quality, and secure the industry’s future. These projects run the gamut, with benefits that show up at every level of the chain, from breeders and growers to retailers.support floriculture with afe benefits
On the retail end, AFE makes available, among other benefits, a broad guide telling how to use social media to bring in customers, especially those in the younger generation. In recent years, through its Floral Marketing Research Fund, AFE has funded this and other research-based reports aimed at helping retail marketers sell more flowers. Results from the Floral Purchase Tracking Study can help retailers plan for inventories, marketing and pricing. Other guides are focused on using Pinterest, targeting millennials and other consumer groups, and boosting sympathy sales.
On the grower end, one of AFE’s newer initiatives is a campaign to fund research that will help growers control and manage botrytis and thrips. These are the two quality-control challenges that account for more losses to the industry than any other pests or diseases. Over the years, AFE research projects have already made dramatic strides that help growers to improve cut-flower quality and longevity.
All through the chain, one of the biggest challenges for business people in the floral industry has been to find qualified, motivated workers. Through scholarships and internship programs at all levels of the industry, from horticulture and business to floral design, AFE has been working to bring young people into the industry. Interested in employing an intern? Go to endowment.org/biz-host/.
Now is a great time to contribute to the American Floral Endowment—not only because a contribution before the year’s end gets you a tax deduction on your 2018 return, but also because a matching gift challenge from Smithers-Oasis/Floralife means the value of your contribution can be doubled.
support floriculture with afe benefits
And of course, in contributing to the welfare of your own business along with the industry as a whole, you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing you have given back to an organization that’s already got your back.
To donate, go to endowment.org/donate.

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