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FMRF Flowers as Gifts Study: Flower Quality More Important to Consumers than Price

FMRF LogoThe Floral Marketing Research Fund (FMRF) has just released a comprehensive study on Consumer Preference for Flowers as Gifts. According to the study, the quality of flowers is more important to consumers than price. When compared with other attributes when purchasing flowers, consumers ranked quality the highest consideration in the buying process, followed by color, price, design and other factors.
“Our industry needs to be aggressive in seeking ways to bring our beautiful product to more people and to make sure we understand who our future customers are and what is important to them,” said Paul Bachman, of Bachman’s Inc., in Minneapolis, and chairman of the FMRF. “The Floral Marketing Research Fund is dedicated to addressing these extremely important marketing questions, and we are excited that Dr. Yue’s research hit the bulls-eye in what we hope will be an ongoing program directed at critical marketing topics.”
That’s just one finding from this comprehensive research study now available from the FMRF. Funded in part by Asocolflores and other industry individuals and organizations, this research provides important insight on how consumers perceive floral advertising, price, longevity, fragrance, appropriateness of flowers for gifts, specific occasions and other preferences.
The “Consumer Preference for Flowers as Gifts: Age Segments, Substitutes, and Perceived Risks” is the result of a two-year project funded by FMRF, which was conducted under the guidance of Chengyan Yue, Ph.D., at the University of Minnesota, with support from Bridget Behe, Ph.D., Michigan State University, and Charlie Hall, Ph.D., Texas A&M University.