Discount Available: 2024 Greenhouse Training Online

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AFE is a proud sponsor and supporter of the following 4-week award-winning certificate courses from UF/IFAS Extension.

Increase your productivity, employee knowledge, and skills with the University of Florida IFAS Extension’s online training program taught by experienced university professors. All Greenhouse Training Online courses are taught in both English and Spanish.

The first course of the year, Greenhouse 101, starts on June 3rd, 2024.

Each course is completely online and includes pre-recorded videos, an interactive discussion board, and quizzes. The course material is available any time of the day, and new modules are activated each week during the course for the four weeks of each course, for a total of 8 learning modules. Experienced university instructors are available to help, and graduates receive a personalized certificate of completion. Courses are designed for individuals already working in the horticulture industry.

Exclusively for AFE supporters, we are pleased to provide a 20% discount. Just use code: AFE2024 when you register. The University of Florida Greenhouse Training Online 2024 program starts June 3rd!

Online course schedule for 2024:

Greenhouse 101 teaches the underlying horticultural science of plant growth to growers who lack formal training in horticulture and is a great introduction to the program. If you are interested in exploring the horticulture industry and have no previous education, this is the course for you! Topics included are plant parts, photosynthesis and growth, greenhouse technology, flowering, compactness, branching, irrigation, nutrition, and plant health.

Image collage of the Greenhouse Training Online course including images of greenhouse plants and students.

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Join the over 3000 growers who have successfully graduated from Greenhouse Training Online courses. The program had a 85% completion rate in 2022 with 760 participants. The participants have provided positive reviews: “Thanks for the opportunity to continue each of our educations with a realistic and flexible program to successfully complete while working full time”, “Courses are very well crafted by growers for growers.” Supervisors that have enrolled their employees also said: “The courses helped our team understand a lot of the work we do in a much more holistic way.”