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Diamond Celebrations for AFE – 60th Anniversary Feature in FCI

FCI Feature for 60th

This past month, FloraCulture International took some time to sit down with our Executive Director, Debi Chedester, to feature the Endowment’s 60th (Diamond) Anniversary and the vital resources we continue to provide for the floral and horticulture industry. Touching on almost every aspect of AFE, the conversation flowed from addressing major industry challenges to the importance of supporting the Endowment, and our greater purpose and mission.

“An industry is only as strong as those that support it. It is vital to support AFE because without this critical research, the support of education through grants, and the support of young professionals with internships and scholarships— there wouldn’t be advances. No other organisation in the industry provides all of these services, and AFE support is necessary for the continued growth of the industry. If we don’t support university research, it will go away. If we don’t support young professionals with scholarships and internship opportunities, they’ll choose another field. AFE provides programmes that the industry needs to continue to grow and adapt.”AFE Executive Director, Debi Chedester

You can read the full article within the magazine here on page 40.
Or, the PDF form of the article here.