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Apply With Ease! Our New Platform for Scholarship Applications

Apply With Ease! Our New Platform for Scholarship Applications

We are now accepting applications for our nearly 30 Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships through a brand-new online platform. This new platform will increase ease for both students and reviewers creating a shorter path to funding. 

With responsive features, upload options, automatic save, and tracking for references, students can complete and review their applications with confidence all in one place.

AFE takes great pride in providing funding for our industry’s future leaders and innovators. This platform will provide them a more convenient space to put their best foot forward. We hope that streamlining our platform to keep up with tech advancements will encourage more students to apply and take interest in all that the floral industry has to offer,” said AFE Education Committee Chairman, Greg Royer of Royer’s Flowers.

Apply online with ease today at https://afe.secure-platform.com/site.

Descriptions of each scholarship, along with the undergraduate and graduate applications and requirements, are available at endowment.org/scholarships.

Both undergraduate and graduate students studying floriculture and horticulture are welcomed and encouraged to submit their applications by the May 1 deadline.

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In 2021, AFE awarded more than $54,000 in funds to deserving industry students, ranging in $500 to $6,000 per scholarship.

These exceptional opportunities aim to assist students who are pursuing a career in horticulture or floriculture and are available for those interested in:


Applications must be submitted by May 1.
To learn more and apply online, click here.