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All About Thrips IPM Programs

By: Rose Buitenhuis
The Vineland Research and Innovation Centre has a six-part series published in Greenhouse Canada magazine with practical information for thrips integrated pest management (IPM) programs.
Written by Biocontrol Specialists Rose Buitenhuis, Michael Brownbridge and Graeme Murphy, the articles offer application tips and tricks, information on new technologies, and are supplemented by short videos demonstrating techniques or principles.






For the full series and videos, visit GreenhouseCanada.com.
For more information on specific biocontrol agents or IPM in general, visit GreenhouseIPM.org.

AFE is currently funding a three-year research project with Rose Buitenhuis on insect management. Her project — Successful IPM of Western Flower Thrips Starts with Clean Cuttings — investigates the use of cutting dips containing reduced-risk materials (insecticidal soap, mineral oil) and biopesticides (Beauveria bassiana) as a means of reducing thrips infestations on propagative materials to levels where they can be easily managed thereafter using biocontrol.