AFE’s Research Achievements

The challenges facing the flower industry have changed throughout the last 60 years, and with these changes, AFE has redirected research efforts adapting to the needs of the community that we serve. As opportunities developed from these challenges, AFE supported research to enhance product quality, share best practices, and improve profits leading to a more successful floral industry. Many projects have been funded at universities and colleges across the U.S. through the years. Results from these projects have led to new production practices, postharvest & shipping procedures, reduced losses from pests & diseases, and improved longer lasting flowers. 

AFE funded research has transformed the floral industry as we know it today and resulted in improved quality of flowers reaching consumers.

Let’s take a look at AFE-funded research focuses and achievements decade by decade:


Research Achievements 11980’s


Research Achievements 22000’s


2020’s and Beyond


Support the Continued Advancement of the Floral Industry through Research!

More of AFE’s research achievements and past work can be found on our 60th Anniversary page. Please consider making a contribution to support AFE’s research and other industry programs. It is through the engagement and participation of industry members that we are able to continue to support new research and increase the overall sustainability of our industry.

The Endowment actively engages with the industry’s suggestions about critical needs and solutions to nagging problems. AFE can help YOU! Have suggestions or need information on specific problems? Contact AFE’s Research Coordinator, Dr. Terril A. Nell (