AFE’s Awarded Educational Grants for 2020

The American Floral Endowment is pleased to announce that 16 organizations will receive funding through our 2020-2021 Educational Grants.


This year’s list includes 5 new programs in addition to continued funding for 11 ongoing programs. The funding will support educational training, conference program support, and industry resources for floral industry members, students, and faculty.

Through AFE’s Educational Grants programs, organizations, universities, or industry groups can apply for grant funding or sponsorships from the Endowment. Every organization that AFE supports provides an important resource or program that is vital to the advancement and success of the floral industry.

The Annual Educational Grants prioritize programs that are wide-reaching and those that aim to bring young professionals to our industry. Weight is also placed on educational programs that help industry members grow and those that help identify and solve industry needs and challenges.

Congratulations to the following organizations and programs receiving funding in 2020! AFE is proud to support your ongoing efforts to grow and develop the floral industry.


Newly Funded Projects: 


Continued Funding: 


In addition to the mentioned Educational Grants, AFE also administers programs that support floriculture research, scholarships, and internship programs. Visit for more information, or to make a contribution to support these programs.