AFE Celebrates 60 Years of Providing For the Floral Future

The American Floral Endowment (AFE) is excited to announce the celebration of its 60th anniversary in 2021. AFE is the leading charitable organization supporting floral and horticulture advances and growth through scientific research, scholarship and internship programs, and educational grant funding to support and provide for all segments of the industry.  

AFE will kick off a full year of success stories, acknowledgments, and events, giving special recognition to those who have financially supported the Endowment, benefitted from funded programs, and volunteered their time and talents toward its 60 years of success.

The Endowment is currently funding 12 research projects and over 30 annual scholarships totaling over $800,000 in research initiatives, educational grants, scholarships, and internships. Every donation helps support these important programs now and into the future.  

Says Laura Shinall, AFE’s Board Chairman, “An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who collectively contribute toward its goals. During this landmark year, we’d like to invite the entire industry to join us as we celebrate the Endowment’s accomplishments. We also invite everyone to contribute in order to help us continue the good work we started 60 years ago!”

For 2021, in honor of the 60th anniversary, the AFE Board has established a new fundraising initiative, calling on all industry members to make an annual pledge of $60 per month/year to help support the important programs that are benefitting so many. “For the cost of a modest floral arrangement, every industry member has the opportunity to really make a difference,” says Shinall. Your charitable donation supports ongoing floral industry programs and is fully tax-deductible.

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Anyone who gives $60 in support of our 60th Anniversary will receive a commemorative t-shirt noting the 60th Anniversary.


Calling AFE supporters, volunteers, and scholarship, research, or grant recipients!

“There are so many inspirational stories to tell,” says AFE’s Executive Director Debi Chedester.  “In just the past decade, I’ve watched students receiving scholarships and internship opportunities, grow into passionate young professionals making a real difference in our industry.  We’re excited to share these and other success stories in 2021 as we celebrate our first 60 years.” 

Questions? Contact Karin Krause, Manager of Communications & Outreach at or call 703-838-5202.