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AFE Bulletin Upgraded to Monthly Publication

AFE is excited to announce that its quarterly Bulletin will change to a monthly format beginning in 2017.

AFE Bulletin.inddDue to the growth of the Endowment over the past few years, with its many new programs and research reports, the AFE Bulletin has also grown.
As such, the Bulletin will become a monthly publication in January.
Supporters who prefer the print version will still receive four quarterly print issues; however, those who prefer email communications will receive 12 electronic monthly issues.
This change will allow for more timely updates to our donors and supporters.

The AFE Bulletin is sponsored by The Todd Bachman Memorial Fund, which was established by Todd Bachman’s family in 2008.

Todd Bachman served as Chairman and CEO of Bachman’s, Inc. He is also a past Chairman of the Endowment and served 10 years on the AFE Board.
To sign up for the electronic monthly Bulletin, email AFE Exeuctibe Director Debi Chedester.