A Thank You to AFE’s 2022 Scholarship Review Team

The American Floral Endowment’s Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarship programs are the cornerstone of uplifting the next generation of industry leaders.

This past year, we launched a new platform for scholarship applications, making our over 30 undergraduate and graduate scholarship opportunities more accessible than ever. With responsive features, upload options, automatic save, reference tracking, and an equally intuitive portal for reviewers, the new platform saw 65 applications in 2022.

It is with the help of 47 industry members turned volunteer reviewers that AFE has awarded 20 emerging young professionals a scholarship. We are incredibly appreciative of the time, effort, and thorough consideration each of our reviewers gave to processing applications and testing this new platform. We could not do what we do without you.

AFE would like to thank the following reviewers and friends, our 2022 Scholarship Review Team:

Ken Altman – Altman Plants
Tulle Alexander – Altman Plants
Bridget Behe – Michigan State University
Jenny Behlings – Flower Shop Daze
Lacee Bilke – Madeline’s Flowers
Lenzee Bilke – Madeline’s Flowers
Mark Bridgen – Cornell University
QiuXia Chen – Dummen Orange
Greg Dedman – Mountain View Greenhouse
Patricia Dewar – Dewar Nurseries
Judith Dusharm – Armellini
Lizbeth Ecke– Carltas Company
Carlos Elias – Altman Plants
Peter Eppeira – BioWorks
David Garcia – Pete Garcia Company
Daniel Greenwell – Piedmont Technical College
Monique Hakkert – Ball Horticulture
Cindy Hanauer – Grand Central Floral
Corrine Heck – Details Flowers
Jim Hessler – Altman Plants
Suzie Kostick – Flora Renaissance
Dwight Larimer – Div of Smithers Oasis Company
Scottie Lester – Altman Plants
Mary Lewis – Syngenta
Leynar Leyton – Industry Member
Abby Marion – Albin Hagstrom & Son
Mason Marshall – Texas A&M University
Chad Miller – Kansas State University
Mike Novovesky – Allied Hort Sales, Inc.
Raymond Odeh – Industry Member
Delilah Onofrey – Suntory Flowers
Kauahi Perez – University of Hawaii at Manoa
Patience Pickner – Industry Member
Cindy Rapley – Industry Member
Alicia Rittenhouse – Industry Member
Andrew Royer – Royer’s Flowers
Greg Royer – Royer’s Flowers
Kaylee South – Virginia Tech
Jared Smith – Altman Plants
Eric Stallknecht – Michigan State University
Matt Stuppy – Stuppy Greenhouse
Jim Tuinier – Post Gardens
Julie Walker – Obraverde Flowers
Kimberly Williams – Kansas State University
Janeen Wright– Meister Media
Susan Yoder – Industry Member
Jane Zussman – Industry Member

This new and improved scholarship application program streamlined all processes and made scholarships even easier to award. With the help of our 2022 Scholarship Review team, applicants of AFE’s scholarships can easily pursue rich opportunities and maximize their success in the industry.

If you are interested in joining AFE’s Scholarship Review Team for 2023, please reach out to AFE’s Program Coordinator, Candice Musgrove, at

AFE Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships

 AFE is proud to offer the industry’s undergraduate and graduate students over 30 scholarship opportunities ranging from $500 to $5,000. We understand the financial burden that students face in pursuing education, and with the help of generous industry donors, these scholarships are funded and ready to offer support.

 Scholarships are open to sophomore through graduate-level college students pursuing degrees in floriculture and horticultural fields.

AFE’s Scholarship applications are due May 1st of each year and can be completed through our Scholarship Application Platform. You can learn more about each scholarship and find AFE’s MS/Ph.D. scholarships on our website.