2 New Named Funds Announced at AFE Annual Reception

Introducing the Carlstedt’s LLC Fund and the Perez Villegas Family Fund

The American Floral Endowment (AFE) announced the establishment of two new Named Funds during our recent Friends of Floral Reception on Sept. 7th – the Carlstedt’s LLC Fund and the Pérez Villegas Family Fund. The reception, which took place at the Society of American Florists (SAF)’s 183rd Annual Convention in Phoenix, AZ, also featured announcements of the new Ruby N. & Roland A. Whealy Memorial Scholarship, brand new Ambassador Awards, and updates on AFE’s current projects and initiatives. 

Both of the new Named Funds have been established as Undesignated Funds, which indicates a flexible gift allowing AFE to use the funding where it is needed most at any given time. 

“These gifts will be hugely impactful as AFE continues providing support for the industry where its needs are most critical,” Executive Director, Debi Chedester, said. “Contributions like these ensure that we can continue to fund cutting-edge research advancements, scholarships and internships that help solve labor issues further down the line, and widespread educational programs for many more years to come.“

AFE currently has over 60 Named Funds like these, each uniquely supporting the Endowment as it continues in its mission of being the industry’s trusted source and catalyst for floriculture advancement.

About the Carlstedt’s LLC Fund

Undesignated Fund Established with a Pledge of $10,000

The Carlstedt’s LLC Fund, originally established in 2016, has been re-established to promote the floriculture industry through unrestricted funds for the Endowment. This fund was established with

Carlstedt’s operates in 13 southeast locations. They currently run 70 delivery vehicles and have 150 team members. Carlstedt’s provides services such as VIP systems with capabilities from online ordering, invoicing, and photo archiving to networking with fellow florists, freelancers and DIYers. Carlstedt’s services clients all over the world through, which is an online Floral Mall where you can find anything in flowers from arrangements to box lots. handles logistics, payment methods and in store pickups.

About the Pérez Villegas Family Fund

Undesignated Fund Established with a Pledge of $10,000

The Pérez Villegas Family, based in Medellín, Colombia, cherishes the floral industry for its ability to inspire joy and foster opportunities for growth.

By investing in research, education, and tools for developing aspiring professionals, they are planting the seeds for a prosperous future. Through deep gratitude and commitment,the Pérez Villegas Family Fund supports the American Floral Endowment in its vital endeavors, nurturing this fascinating industry’s growth and continued success.

Interested in Establishing a Named Fund?

Establishing a Named Fund through AFE is a great way to show dedication and support for the floral industry and to leave a lasting impact. AFE is grateful to all those who have created Funds through the Endowment – the full list of Named Funds can be viewed here. If you are interested in creating a new Named Fund, please contact AFE at or (703) 838-5211. If you would like to make a contribution to an existing Fund, click here.

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