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AFE has released a new resource encouraging best practices in flower care. The 16.5″ x 20.5″, laminated poster promotes results from AFE-funded research that stresses the three C’s – Cooling, Cleanliness, and Care – all essential factors to keeping flowers at their best!

“Having a bright, colorful poster on the wall in the shop is a great resource when onboarding new and seasonal employees,” says David Boulton of Flowers by George Inc. in Arlington, Washington. “It’s also a great reminder for our longtime employees to keep coolers cleaned and check the temperature regularly.”

Customers will be happier and more likely to return if you follow these simple guidelines backed up by AFE research.

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For more detailed care and handling information, read AFE Research Coordinator Dr. Terril Nell’s full article on the three C’s.

Getting Back to the Basics: Cooling, Cleanliness and Care
By Terril Nell

The biological mechanisms governing flower life and quality are complex, but the flower care practices recommended for growers, wholesalers, and retail florists are really quite simple.

AFE-supported research confirms that there are three keys to quality: cold, cleanliness and careful processing.

Keep Flowers COLD (33 – 36° F)
Temperature is the major factor governing flower life. Cold temperatures conserve the sugars stored in the leaves and stems needed for flowers to open and remain viable.

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