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Mosmiller Intern Scholarship Application

Application Deadline: March 1 and October 1 each year.

Please read the instructions thoroughly prior to completing the online application form.

The application packet requires the submission of the online application form below. However, prior to completing the application form, make sure you have prepared/gathered the following documents:

  • A Personal Statement — the personal statement should be one page and include your past and current involvement in floriculture activities, your expectations from the program, and your future career goals in the industry. This is attached to the online application. 
  •  Official Transcripts from your College/University — Official transcripts must be submitted.  AFE will not accept copies. This must be submitted directly from your college/university. 
  • Color Photo — submit a color photo to be used in promotional communications should you be awarded an internship. This is attached to the online application. 
  • Resume – Must submitted in PDF format and attached to the online application.
  • Letter of Recommendation: A Faculty Advisor must write a letter of recommendation on behalf of the applicant. Once you submit your application, your advisor will automatically be notified to provide you with a letter of recommendation. The advisor will submit the letter directly to AFE.

Student Agrees:

  1. By submitting the application below, the student certifies all the information provided on the application is true and complete, and understands that any misstatement, falsification, or omission of information shall be grounds for rejection of the application or disqualification.
  2. The student agrees to mutually complete the Internship Goal Sheet with the placement employer.
  3. The student will be disqualified from the program for inappropriate behavior such as any physical or verbal altercations with the employer and/or employees, any illegal use of alcohol or drugs, or any other such behaviors.
  4. The student understands that if he/she does not complete the agreed time period, he/she will be disqualified from the program and might not receive the scholarship.
  5. The student agrees to acknowledge support for the Mosmiller Internship Program in any type of public relations, press releases, or other type of publicity concerning the internship.
  6. The student agrees to perform an exit interview with the employer prior to their last day of employment, as well as complete a brief report of the experience (minimum of 500 words) within thirty (30) days of completion. Upon receipt of written report and employer questionnaire, scholarship funds will be released.
  • Personal Information:

  • An email address other than the one provided by your educational institution is preferred as it will allow AFE to stay in touch after graduation.
  • Education:

  • Student Activities

  • Previous Work Experience (Floral Industry)

    Please provide the following information for any jobs held in the floral industry.
  • Previous Work Experience (Non-floral Industry)

    Please provide the requested information for work experience not in the floral industry. Include both paid and unpaid positions.
  • References

  • Internship Preferences

    Please indicate the dates when you would like to have your training take place. Internships can be as long as 16 weeks, but no less than 10 weeks.
  • Please list the date (or month) that you will be ready to begin your internship.
  • Internship Area of Interest

    The Super Floral Show sponsors a single supermarket internship annually in November. Please check "supermarket" if you would like to be considered for this scholarship/internship.
  • Geographical Preferences

  • Please list the names and contact information for home and campus newspapers or newsletters so that we can forward a press release should you be awarded this scholarship/internship.
  • Faculty Advisor Information

  • Upload Files

  • Accepted file types: pdf.