Mosmiller Internship Program – Student Information

Student Eligibility:
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Mosmiller Internships take place over 10 to 16 week periods in a wholesale, retail or allied trade company. Interns are paid by the employer during training, and upon successful completion of the program, receive a $2,000 cash scholarship. Mosmiller Scholar Program Interns:

  • Join a select group of students who gained outstanding experience at top industry facilities.
  • Enjoy a paid internship providing diverse, hands-on experiences.
  • Put academic theories into practice.
  • Develop new, critical skills, potentially improving employment opportunities.
  • Determine future career directions.
  • Receive a significant financial grant upon satisfactory completion.

Deadline for Applications

March 1st and October 1st Each Year

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Who is Eligible?

Full-time, undergraduate students who:

Where Are the Locations of the Internships?
When and for how long is training available?
What else is required?

Students in the Mosmiller Program must:

How Does a Student Apply?

Students must complete an online application form.  An electronic copy of the online application form will be emailed to the student.  The copy of the online application form should be given to the student’s faculty member for their signature.  The following documents must be submitted to AFE by the faculty member by email along with a copy of the application form signed by the faculty member (see faculty responsibilities):

The complete application packet must be emailed to AFE by the spring or fall deadline: March 1 or October 1. Training must be started within 12 months of application date.

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Read Reports from Previous Mosmiller Interns!

Students who perform AFE internships are required to submit a written report at the end of their internship experience.  We are pleased to share these reports to allow you to see first hand the wonderful opportunity and important hands-on experience that AFE internships provide!

Looking For Funding?

AFE is committed to supporting research that advances the industry and combats current challenges. This research benefits every segment of the industry. We welcome new research proposal applications by August 1st of each year.