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Mosmiller Internship Program – Employer Information

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AFE is always seeking employers to host Mosmiller interns.  The majority of Mosmiller interns participate at retail floral shops, however, wholesale operations and allied trade organizations are also key components of the program.

Students who receive a Mosmiller internship perform their internship for 10-16 weeks. Become a host employer today!

Deadline for Applications

March 1st and October 1st Each Year

Become a Host Employer
participating employers are asked to:
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Read Reports from Previous Mosmiller Interns!

Students who perform AFE internships are required to submit a written report at the end of their internship experience.  We are pleased to share these reports to allow you to see first hand the wonderful opportunity and important hands-on experience that AFE internships provide!

Special thanks to the following organizations who have hosted AFE interns.

The following list represents current and past Mosmiller host employers.   If you would like to join this list and become a host Mosmiller Interns, please contact AFE.

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Looking For Funding?

AFE is committed to supporting research that advances the industry and combats current challenges. This research benefits every segment of the industry. We welcome new research proposal applications by August 1st of each year.