The 2017 #FlowerLoveVideoContest inspired creative videos from flower lovers from across the country, and also promoted the use and giving of fresh flowers.

Congratulations to the winners of the contest:

  • $4,000 Grand Prize Winner: “Let Happiness Bloom” by Jaclyn Fiola
  • $500 Honorable Mention: “The Flower Princess” by Mickelle Martin
  • $500 Honorable Mention: “Happiness Blooms From Within” by Kristin Peters

Watch the winning videos (and all of the video submissions) below.

The contest was funded by the Floral Marketing Research Fund (FMRF) and sponsored by Asocolflores. It was created based on results from the 2016 FMRF-funded study “Marketing Tactics to Increase Millennial Floral Purchases,” also sponsored by Asocolflores.

Click here for more details about the contest and winners.

*Per contest rules, all video submissions are the property of AFE and can be used and reproduced royalty-free. 

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Grand Prize Winner

Let Happiness Bloom

Honorable Mentions

The Flower Princess
Happiness Blooms From Within

Top 10 Videos

Crazy Daisy Day
Fairy Tale Flowers
Flower Power
Happiness Blooms From Within
Happiness Blooms From Within
Happy Anniversary
Let Happiness Bloom
Making Love Better
Share the Love With Flowers
The Flower Princess

FREE Video Library!

The video library of all contest participants is below (in alphabetical order). This collection of videos is available for anyone to use on their social media or websites to help promote flowers!


A Special Date
Beware the Power of Flowers
Calling All Bees! Are You With Me?
Cooler Tour

Crazy Daisy Day


Fairy Tale Flowers


Flower Choir


Flower Love


Flower Power


Flower Power


Flowers = Hugs and Smiles


Flowers, Art and Love


Flowers and Fairytales


Flowers Convey Emotion


Flowers Make Me Happy


Flowers Make the World Beautiful


Fresh Flowers


Fresh Flowers, First Impressions


From Ping-Pong to Peonies


Happiness Blooms From Within


Happiness Blooms From Within


Happiness From a Seed


Happy Anniversary


How Do You Show Love?


How Far a Flower Comes




Jon Scott Loves Flowers


Just Because


Kase Gives Flowers to Mom


Kids’ Flower Party


La Vie (En NY) En Rose


Let Happiness Bloom


… Like Water to a Seed


Make Friends, Give Flowers


Making Love Better


My First Time


My Flower


NYC En Rose




Remembering Flowers


Right Next to You


Rose’s Lament


Share the Love With Flowers


The Flower of My Heart


The Flower Princess


The Flower Song


The Little Things


The Power of Flowers


This is Why We Love Flowers


Unexpected Floral Love


We Like Big Buds!


What Do Your Flowers Say


Why We Love Flowers