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For Retail, Event, or Supermarket Florists

Providing resources, funding, and news to help you and your floral business bloom.

AFE is a vital resource hub for florists of all levels. AFE provides grants, resources, and the latest consumer marketing research. In addition, we help support the future of the floral industry by providing internships, scholarships, and education to the next general to attract and retain new talent.

AFE has impacted me in more than one way by giving me increased financial freedom, as well as an incredible opportunity to truly learn what the industry is like.
– Andrew J Wiens, Scholarship/Internship Recipient

Internship Program for Retailers and Wholesalers

Through AFE’s Mosmiller internship program, interns train at a leading retail, wholesale or allied trade operation for a period of 10-16 weeks, getting valuable on-the-job work experience. All applications are carefully screened to ensure the students are mature and knowledgeable enough to handle an internship.  Students are evaluated on their coursework, grades, activities within the industry and by their faculty members recommendation. Become an internship host today!

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