AmericanHort– Site developed by AmericanHort and describes their services and publications.

American Horticultural Society – Site developed by The American Horticultural Society and describes their floricultural books and other services.

American Nurseryman – Site developed by American Nurseryman Publishing Company and describes an coverage of books and many are related to floriculture.

Ball Publishing – Site developed by Ball Publishing and describes their extensive list of floricultural books and magazines.

FloraTech – Site developed by International Flora technologies and describes the magazine FloraTech.

Floricultural International – Site developed by Floricultural International Publication, a division of Ball Publishing.

Florists’ Review – Site developed by Florists’ Review Enterprises and describes their Florists’ Review magazine.

Green Profit – Site developed by Green Profit, a division of Ball Publishing, and describes their floricultural magazine.

Greenhouse Products News – Site developed by Greenhouse Products News and describes their floricultural publication.

GrowerTalks – Site developed by GrowerTalks, a division of Ball Publishing, and describes their floricultural magazine.

Meister Media – Site developed by Meister Media and describes many publications and services including the Greenhouse Grower magazine.

Society of American Florists – Site developed by the Society of American Florists and includes their member trade publication, Floral Management.

Timber Press – Site developed by Timber Press and describes their wide range books including floriculture.