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Establish a Living Tribute

Show your appreciation and gratitude by creating a living tribute. Living tributes are a wonderful way to honor the accomplishments of industry leaders.

Our Living Tributes

The following individuals have Living Tributes established.  A $1,000 contribution establishes a tribute. Once established, contributions can be made in any amount.

To learn more about establishing a tribute, please contact AFE today at afe@endowment.org or 703-838-5211.


Established Living Tributes
  • Betty Abrams
  • Jules (Toots) Armellini*
  • Arthur J. Baisch
  • Carl Baldesare, Sr.
  • Charles Barr*
  • I.W. Bianchi*
  • Z.D. Blackist*
  • Louis J. Brand
  • Albert H. Burki*
  • Neil Canine
  • Patricia Cronin
  • Delmar E. Demaree, Jr.
  • Robert C. Dewey*
  • John Henry Dudley*
  • Paul Ecke, Sr.*
  • George Elliott*
  • John O. Finn
  • Don Flowers
  • Frank Fredenhagen*
  • Chuck Gainan
  • Pete Garcia
  • John W. & LaVerne B. Giles*
  • Hazel Gril
  • Ben Haley, Jr.*
  • Donald E. Hook
  • Howard J. Hook*
  • Francis Hopper*
  • Joe Hopper*
  • Dan Irons
  • Martha J. Keller & Herbert Rothwell
  • Harrison Kennicott, Jr.*
  • L.R. “Bud” Kintzele*
  • John S. Knipe*
  • Leonard Koehler*
  • Joseph Kopplman
  • Prof. Alex Laurie*
  • Elma Lundahl*
  • Edward & Grace Lutey
  • Wally MacDonald
  • Edmund Niklas
  • Robert L. Orth
  • Eulah Overmeyer*
  • Samuel S. Pennock III*
  • Gustav H. Poesch*
  • Walter L. Preston*
  • Jack W. Redditt*
  • Kenneth Royer
  • Carl Scharfenberg
  • Mel Schwanke*
  • R.H. “Hank” Sciaroni
  • Yoshimi “Shimi” Shibata*
  • Kenneth F. Short*
  • Arlene Sorenson
  • E.G. Thornton*
  • Pepe de la Torre*
  • Jacob Van Namen
  • Alvi O. Voigt
  • Don Weder
  • Erwin H. Weder*
  • Louise Graham Weder
  • Milton M. Weiss
  • Olin A. Wetzel
  • J.F. Wilcox Family
  • Eiichi Yoshida*

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