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IRA Bloom

Is Your IRA in Bloom?

Maximize your impact this year! Donate through an IRA or Donor-Advised Fund

Contributing from your IRA or Donor Advised Fund offers a unique opportunity to invest in AFE’s essential industry initiatives while providing significant financial benefits to you. These options support floral industry advancement while potentially lowering your taxable income.

AFE Tax ID: 23-6268380

How to Make a Qualified Charitable Distribution to American Floral Endowment:

  • You may be able to make your QCD gift online. Visit your retirement plan provider’s website to see if this is an option.
  • If your account has check-writing privileges, you may write a check directly to “American Floral Endowment” and mail it to: 610 Madison Street, Ste 101, PMB 803, Alexandria, VA 22314
  • Some brokerage may have a required IRA distribution form, so it is important to check with your plan provider if you cannot make the gift online or with a check.

If you are considering this type of gift, or have already made one, please contact us at afe@endowment.org. Important: Your QCD must be made by December 31st to satisfy your Required Minimum Distribution.

Supporting AFE empowers the floral community to take an active role in securing its future, fostering innovation and advancement, and nurturing education and engagement — essential components that collectively cultivate a healthy and thriving floral industry!

Looking For Funding?

AFE is committed to supporting research that advances the industry and combats current challenges. This research benefits every segment of the industry. We welcome new research proposal applications by August 1st of each year.