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Vic & Margaret Ball Internship – Faculty Information

floriculture3Faculty Advisors play a critical role in preparing students for the future.

Encouraging students to apply for the Vic and Margaret Ball Intern Scholarship will allow them to receive diverse hands-on experience and gain a unique opportunity to learn in a commercial environment.  In addition, students who successfully complete an AFE internship receive a significant cash scholarship and develop critical skills, potentially improving employment opportunities.  All students seeking a career path in floriculture production should apply for this intern scholarship.

  •  Faculty advisors are required to submit a letter of recommendation for each student that applies for the Vic & Margaret Ball Intern Scholarship.  The letter should specifically evaluated the student carefully and honestly, considering ability, quality of work, and potential as a future member of the floral industry.
  • If a student is awarded an internship opportunity, the faculty and student will develop “objectives” for what the student should learn during the internship that will be shared with the host employer.  These objectives will be agreed on prior to the start of the internship.

Responsibilities During Internship:

  •  Faculty members should communicate frequently with the Intern during their internship.
  • BONUS!  Travel to internship site to monitor progress, if possible. (Up to $1,000 in travel expenses are reimbursed to sponsoring faculty member.)
  • Write a short report about your visit with your student during their internship to include your perspective of the internship.