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Vic & Margaret Ball Internship – Host Employer Information

Host Employers share their knowledge and expertise to ensure a knowledgeable workforce well into the future!

Me by Company SignBecoming an AFE Host employer is easy!  If your organization has internship opportunities, or is interested in beginning an internship program, you should be working with AFE!
AFE and the Vic & Margaret Ball committee take this internships very serious.  All applications are carefully screened to ensure the students are mature and knowledgeable enough to handle an internship.  Students are evaluated on their coursework, grades, activities within the industry and by their faculty members recommendation.  Not all students are approved, and only those who meet our strict scoring requirements are selected.
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provenwinnerplugsHost employers are always needed.  If you are interested in becoming a host employer, please contact AFE.
Responsibilities of a Host Employer:

  • Employ the Intern at a fair market wage for the geographic area and position (not less than the hourly minimum wage).
  • Provide the Intern with an overview of the entire company.
  • Provide varied experience with crops, tasks and responsibilities.
  • Provide for periodic Intern/supervisor discussion.
  • Allow the Intern time to spend with faculty member during an on-site visit (time to be mutually agreed upon).
  • Help the Intern locate reasonably priced housing for the training period. (Employer is not responsible for rent.)
  • Complete an Intern performance questionnaire at the conclusion of training.
  • Optional: assign the student a project during internship.

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