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About Flowers
Alabama Nursery & Landscape Assn.
Alabama State Florists’ Association
America In Bloom
American Flower Industry Assn.
American Horticultural Society
American Institute of Floral Designers
American Nursery & Landscape Association
American Orchid Society
Arizona Landscape Contractors Association
Arizona Nursery Assn.
Arkansas Florist Assn.
Association of Colombian Flower Exporters
Association of Floral Importers of FL
Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers
California Cut Flower Commission
Canadian Nursery Landscape Association
Cincinnati Flower Growers’ Assn.
Colorado Nursery & Greenhouse Assn.
Connecticut Florist Assn.
Connecticut Nursery and Landscape Assn.
Connecticut Greenhouse Growers Assn.
Delaware Valley Florist Assn.
Flower Promotion Organization
Florida Nursery, Growers & Landscape Association (FNGLA)
Fred C. Gloeckner Foundation, Inc.
Fresh Produce & Floral Council
Georgia State Florists’ Assn.
Hampton Roads Nursery and Landscape Assn.
Hawaiian Tropical Flower Council
Hometown Florist Assn.
Horticultural Research Institute
Idaho Nursery and Landscape Assn.
Idaho State Florist Assn.
Illinois Geeen Industry Association
Illinois State Florists’ Assn.
Independent Florist Assn.
Indiana Flower Growers Assn.
Indiana Nursery & Landscape Assn.
International Protea Assn.
Iowa Florists’ Assn.
Irrigation Association
Kansas Nursery and Landscape Assn.
Kansas State Florists’ Assn.
Kentucky Florists Assn.
Kentucky Nursery & Landscape Assn.
Landscape Alberta Nursery Trades Association
Landscape Contractors Association – MD, DC, VA
Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association
Louisiana Irrigation Association
Louisiana State Florist Assn.
Los Angeles Flower Mart
Maine Landscape and Nursery Assn.
Maryland Nursery & Landscape Association
Massachusetts Flower Growers’ Assn.
Massachusetts Nursery & Landscape Assn.
Master Florists Association
Maui Flower Growers Assn.
Michigan Floral Association
Michigan Nursery and Landscape Assn.
Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association
Minnesota State Florist Assn.
Mississippi Florist Assn.
Mississippi Nursery and Landscape Assn.
North Carolina Nursery & Landscape Association
North Carolina State Florists Association
National Alliance Of Floral Associations
Nebraska Nursery and Landscape Assn.
Nevada Landscape Assn.
New England Floriculture Inc.
New Hampshire Plant Growers Assn.
New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association
New Jersey Nursery & Landscape Association
Northeast Alabama Florist Assn.
Northeast Louisiana Florist Assn.
Northwest Florida Florists’ Assn.
Northwest Nursery Buyers’ Assn.
OFA – The Association of Horticulture Professionals
Ohio Nursery & Landscape Association
Ohio Landscape Assn.
Ohio State Florist Assn.
Oklahoma Nursery & Landscape Assn.
Oklahoma State Florists Association
Orchid Growers of Hawaii
Oregon Assn. of Nurseries
Oregon Flower Growers Assn.
Ozark Florist Assn. Inc.
Pennsylvania Landscape & Nursery Assn.
Perennial Plant Assn.
Plantscape Industry Alliance
Professional Landcare Network
San Francisco Flower Growers Assn.
Society of American Florists (SAF)
South Carolina Florist Assn.
South Carolina Nursery and Landscape Assn.
South Dakota Florists Assn.
Southern Nursery Association
Southern Retail Florist Association
Tennessee Nursery & Landscape Assn.
Texas Nursery & Landscape Association
Texas State Florists’ Association
Utah Nursery & LAndscape Association
U.S. Composting Council
Utah Professional Florist Assn.
Virginia Professional Florist Association
Virginia Nursery and Landscape Assn.
Washington State Nursery and Landscape Assn.
West Virginia Nursery and Landscape Assn., Inc.
Wisconsin Landscape Contractors Association