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“Stronger Industry” Ads

Island Ad
Half Page Horizontal Ad
1/3 Vertical Ad
728×90 pixels (144dpi) Horizontal Electronic Ad
728×90 pixels (72 dpi) Horizontal Electronic Ad


Business Internship Ads

Business AdFull Page Ad
Half Page Horizontal Ad – 7″ x 4.675″
1/3 Vertical Ad – 2.2″ x 9.625″
Full Page Ad (Employer Resource Guide)
Half Page Vertical Ad (Employer Resource Guide)
1/3 Vertical Ad (Employer Resource Guide)
120×300 pixels Vertical Electronic Ad (Employer Resource Guide)


afesupporterbadgeJPGProud Supporter Logo


Murder, Sex, Greed Awareness Ads

awareness ad screen shot - AFE AdsPrint Ads

One Page, No Bleed
Half Island
Half Horizontal
1/3 Square
1/3 Vertical
1/4 Page
1/6 Vertical


Electronic Ads

AFE Awareness Banner - AFE AdsLeaderboard (728×90 pixels)
Full Banner (468×60 pixels)
Banner (185×92 pixels)

FIE Ad Screenshot - AFE AdsFloriculture InfoSearch Engine Ad

Classified Ad – 2″ x 5″
1/3 Vertical Ad – 2.2″ x 9.625″

Little Grows Ad Screenshot - AFE Ads“A Little Grows a Long Way” Ad

Vertical Ad – 120 pixels
Vertical Ad – 160 pixels
Third Page Ad
Half Page Ad
Full Page Ad

Retail Florist Testimonial Ad

Retail Florist Ad Screenshot - AFE AdsHalf Page Ad
Full Page Ad

Grower Grower Ad Screenshot - AFE AdsTestimonial Ad

Half Page Ad
Full Page Ad

Student Intern Ad Screenshot - AFE AdsStudent Intern Testimonial Ad

Half Page Ad
Full Page Ad


Scholarship Internship Ad Screenshot - AFE AdsScholarship and Internship Ad

Full Page Ad

AFE Logo PNG - AFE Ads and LogosAFE Logos